Laydown concrete skip with TI mechanism

Laydown concrete skip with TI mechanism View full size

With lifting points and centre discharge gate.


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Type of mechanism

TI mechanism (European patent). Very enclosing cone to get back cement grout leakage when pouring concrete. Tool less removable cone for easy cleaning.The gate is made of abrasive high resistance steel to improve its lifetime.


This column skip is designed to enable concrete to be poured into narrow shuttering or columns. It is a rollover type skip whereby the skip sits in the horizontal position for filling and reverts to the vertical when in use.

Means of handling

This skip is lifted by chains (not included). The removal of the traditional moving bale arm prevents pinching and crushing risks. It also reduces the weight of the skip.

Discharge type


Gate operation

By means of a nylon rope attached to a spring return lever.

Skips with capacities of 1000L and above are fitted with the auxiliary gate closing option to ease the gate closure.


  • Skip belt in U profile for a greater strength
  • Delivered with a 3 meter long hose, Ø 200mm (as option Ø 90, 150 or 250 mm available)


  • Type of skip: Discharge hose
  • Shape of bucket: Laydown
  • Means of handling: Lifting points
  • Type of mechanism: TI kit
  • Discharge type: Central
  • Type of gate opening: By lever
  • Forklift lifting: No